18+ Useful Things You Can Do with OK Google

Apple clients have Siri, Windows 10 clients can call upon Cortana, and Android clients can utilize Ok Google clash of clans cheats. Alright Google can do significantly more than simply turn stuff upward notwithstanding, and it even opponents Siri in a few ways. 


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Alright Google can be gotten to by commonly saying "alright Google" or tapping the receiver catch on the Google seek bar on your Android tablet or telephone. 

Note that Ok Google is open in the event that you have Google Now introduced on your cell phone or tablet, so in the event that you can't get to it, then you'll initially need to download and introduce Google Now from the Play Store if your variant of Android backings it. 

The Google Now Launcher is accessible for Android 4.1 or more. 

On the other hand, you can download and introduce the Google application and conduct voice looks on your Android or iOS gadget. 

The Google application guarantees you can utilize Ok Google even on iPhones and iPads. 

Numerous clients may as of now utilize Ok Google to turn stuff upward in light of the fact that it connects right to the forceful web crawler. What you won't not understand, is that it can do as such a great deal increasingly and is, truth be told, a genuinely full-highlighted advanced individual right hand. 

Today, we need to take a voyage through a large number of the things you can do with Ok Google and demonstrat to you how it can make your life only a tiny bit more helpful and simpler. 

Open Applications 

With Ok Google, you can open applications without touching your gadget, just say, "alright Google, open Pandora" or "open Netflix" and it will obediently open them on your gadget. 

The capacity to open applications implies that you won't need to chase for them on your home screen(s). 

On the off chance that the application isn't accessible, then you will have the alternative to download it from the Play Store. 

Set Timers and Alarms 

Need to set a snappy clock for something you're cooking? Possibly you need to take a short power rest. Don't worry about it, simply advise Ok Google to "set a clock for 15 minutes" or "set a caution for 6:30 PM" and that is it. 

When you begin a clock, you essentially determine the length of time for your clock and it will start consequently.